Rants: Useless

Can I just say that you guys are very useless? Or you just forget about us because the instructions did not come from the boss? What kind of service is that?


Our computers cannot connect to the server for almost three weeks now. The only thing provided by the IT department was to give us a super proxy that can help us download installer software for the server. This is irritating. They had no other help in looking for solutions to our problems. Whenever we call to follow-up on the said problem, they always say that the ticket is already closed. CLOSED. CLOSED. How can it be closed when they weren’t even able to do anything for us?

I really want to look for their comments box and shout out that they don’t have any care at all. True, they have a lot of stuff to do, but how can they not know that we also need them. Hello, three people are sharing the use of a single computer for three weeks! How do you think that translates to our productivity?

Can I just go to their area and shout out how I think of them as a bullshit department? Their priorities should definitely be revisited.

They make me go angry and the week is just starting.


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