Fantasy: Frozen


Frozen details the story of Anna, a princess of Arendelle, and her quest to find the Ice Queen who has unknowingly set Arendelle under an eternal winter during summer. She is helped by a mountaineer, Kristoff, whose main source of income is ice. Definitely, he is screwed; thus, easily convinced to help Anna climb the North Mountain.

The main twist of the story is that Anna and Elsa, the Ice Queen, are sisters.

I think that Frozen is one of, if not the most, Disney’s progressive films. It shows Elsa a queen of Arendelle when she came of age. We rarely see Disney princesses as rulers. More often than not, they are daughters of kings waiting for their knights in shining armor. Or they are free-spirited women being noticed by a handsome prince. I think that Elsa is one of the strongest women Disney has ever created. And when did we ever hear a Disney princess say ‘you should not marry a man you just met’? Isn’t that the essence of the old Disney stories? The princess finds a man and they fall instantly in love.

Also, Frozen redefines Disney’s concept of true love. True love, as we all know it, is romantic love. However, Disney takes a step forward by saying that an act of true love can also be found between sisters (or family members for a more general idea). Isn’t that a little more heart-warming? In the old Disney days, women are shown that they need men to experience the idealistic concept of love. Now, we are shown the more realistic side that love can also be found in our siblings (or parents).

The movie is very heart-warming. I can count the times I have shed a tear for a scene. I love Olaf and his innocence. The animation is just superb. I heard that they studied the dynamics of snow just so they can make the movie more realistic. I loved that they used the culture of Norwegian Sami in the movie. We are introduced to knew cultures which is also a good move for Disney. Ever since The Princess and the Frog, we hardly had any Disney princess that veered away from the medieval European culture.

I do have questions though, how was Elsa able to reach the top of North Mountain in just one night? And how was Elsa able to use love to thaw out Arendelle?

The movie also provided for us what we loved about Disney movies then – songs that will make you relate more to the movie. Do You Want To Build A Snowman and Let It Go are songs that definitely struck people’s minds. But I especially liked For The First Time in Forever. These songs can be as iconic as Part of Your World and Reflections because of the message and delivery. I was surprised by Kristen Bell’s voice. I didn’t expect that I’d like it so much. However, I wished that Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) had a lot more singing parts in the movie!

Over-all, Frozen is a beautiful movie and it is definitely one I’d recommend parents should let their children watch – especially if they have girls. It shows love between siblings and self. It teaches us that only love can thaw a frozen heart.


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