Seedlings of Hope


Last Friday, I was approached by a friend from my college organization regarding the org’s new project. The project was about planting new seedlings to replace Luzon’s balding forests. It has a chance to name the trees after you or your loved ones.

I thought to myself, it’s a nice cause and the money spent will definitely go a long way. Also, what is PHP 100 used in helping save the environment?

So, as a Valentine’s gift for me and A, I ordered 2 seedlings named after the both of us. I hope that I can get to see the seedlings though.

If ever you and your friends are advocates of the environment, you can also purchase your seedlings too. A narra seedling is a great help in reducing our carbon footprint and help keep the soil intact. It will be our way of replacing the amount of paper we consume in a year.

If you’re interested, you can go to the site indicated in the poster i have attached to this entry. I hope you do! The environment needs our help.


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