Fantasy: Rise of the Guardians

Legends Unite

I initially wanted to watch the movie just because Jack Frost is so handsome.

I just learned that this is about the Guardians – the tales of the legend, the individuals responsible for guiding the children. Santa Claus was the guardian of wonder because of all the wonder that Christmas brings. The Tooth Fairy is the guardian of memories which are stored in each tooth shed by a child. The Easter Bunny is the guardian of hope because Easter is all about hope and the chance to start again. The Sandman is the guardian of dreams.

Their usual routine is shattered by the threat of fear taking over. And that is when they are not-so-relieved to learn that they will be initiating a new guardian in the form of Jack Frost. Jack Frost is a fun-loving spirit of the snow and cold days. He has the power of cryokinesis. Before this movie, I have no idea what or who Jack Frost is. I just heard it in a song saying, ‘Jack Frost nipping at your nose’. Maybe that was him playing with you in the cold.

Given his nature, the Guardians are just not convinced that he could be a guardian. So, it was suddenly a plot of whether he is able to comply with the rules and the nature of the job. Jack Frost wanted to be recognized as a spirit. And without people believing in what he truly is, he cannot be a guardian. It was also a battle of making his presence felt and the children knowing or acknowledging his presence.

There was a part where Jack and North (Santa Claus) were talking about knowing what Jack’s center is. The center is what the guardian is in charge of – what he wants to imbibe into the children. The thing with Jack is that he doesn’t know who he is in the past and thus saying, ‘how can I know who I can be if I don’t know who I was’. That was a very important idea that the movie wants us to think about. Our past is a very important key to who we will become. Our experiences, mistakes, challenges, success are the major factors that shape us into the people we are supposed to be.

In the end, he was able to know who was thanks to his teeth. He realized why he died and what he died for. Thus, he discovered his center.

The movie was wonderfully created – graphics-wise. They created a world that is still our own but included the supernatural things that we, as kids, believe in. They made that stuff real. This is definitely a good movie to let the kids watch because this does not only make these people real, it also teaches a lesson on the value of not having to be conquered by fear.


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