So this is how it goes. It’s the bank’s anniversary and they were giving team members of certain projects that had a lot if impact awards as Heroes.

I attended that awarding solely because my office friends wanted to and we had an awardee in our midst.

As the program moved on, we arrived at the awarding ceremonies. They awarded the branch operations for their successful audit of ISO. My colleague and I looked at each other. They were given awards for that and we weren’t even invited. Okay, maybe it was too farfetched for us to think of it that way. But we also played a major part during that ISO audit. They made us stop our normal work just for us to service them at their time of need. The sad thing, too, is that even an email of gratitude was not sent.

We just let it pass. But, Round 2 wasn’t so far behind. One project was awarded too. That was a project of mine. I did the manual, processes and forms for that product. They awarded the Marketing Team for that certain project. I decided not to comment about it. However, my colleague noticed that it was a project I worked on. It was. And it somehow hurt.

For a company I really want to get out of, you’d expect some good congratulations on the work that you did well. It was alright if they didn’t. But it is a slap on your face if the other members of the team were given recognition and you didn’t. After all, there wasn’t any big different between what we did. It was supposed to be a group effort where the members brought their own expertise on the table.

It sucked big time. Do I have to make this a motivation that recognition or not I will still continue doing a good job? Or a motivation to move to better, greener pastures?


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