We try to make new year’s resolutions because the idea of starting again gives us the hope that things will be better. However, do we always get to follow up on our resolutions and make them habits? It is one thing to plan but it should never be left without execution.

A habit according to the dictionary is a settled or regular tendency or practice. It means that it is something involuntary to the body. You need not think about doing it, you just do it on purpose. The hard thing about making a resolution bear fruit is to make it a habit. Especially, when you want to lose a certain one as your resolution.

As they always say, it is all in the mind. It is somehow true. Every thing start from the willingness to mold yourself into what you think is better. One example is for my resolution of No Late January. I am a fan of sleep especially now that we have colder weather. The cold makes it hard to get up every morning. Add to that the fact that I slept a little later at night. Lack of sleep and the cold weather spells disaster for this resolution.

However, I managed to create an alarm pattern that starts to wake me at 4:30 with 10 minute increments to 5:00. When I finally wake up at 5, I make a conscious decision to get out of bed, wash my face and take a bath. Every thing else follows. That conscious decision is the factor by which I am able to not go back to sleep to ruin my chances of getting to work early. I have also convinced myself that Since I will get to work early, I can take a nap before work officially starts.

In the 7 working days of January, I have always arrived at work before 8:00 whereas my normal time in was between 8:30 and 9:00. I am only halfway through January and I feel like this is a success already. By February, I will add another resolution and take it from there. It’s hard to look forward so much to the future because you will never know which resolutions you need to make.

So far, so good. And waking up at 5:00 on a work day is suddenly becoming a habit.


4 thoughts on “Habits

    1. Yes. It takes me an hour or more to prepare for work. Then, I have to deal with Manila traffic. If I leave the house later than 6:30 AM, I will definitely be late.

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