Young Adult: Every Day

Every Day

What if you were born in a different body every day?

That is a whole lot of chaos. I had a lot of feelings for this book. It is probably the most emotional after The Fault in Our Stars. I agree with a lot of what the author is trying to say through the lives of the different people A lives in. It speaks a lot of our attachment issues as people. In the book, A cannot be attached to the people in the lives of the one he lives in.

I find the story compelling because it could be a love-against-all-odds kind of thing. But, somehow, somewhere, there was an ounce of reality that sometimes love isn’t just enough to get by. There are a lot more factors to consider than just loving a person. It could be proximity, accessibility, or convenience. All three of which are not in A’s and Rhiannon’s favor.

I love the book because it has a lot of dimensions into it. It does not only talk of love in the romantic kind but also of the kind that deals about loving people you don’t really know. A has this responsibility of taking care of the person that he lives in for a day. It also talks about love that transcends genders. A doesn’t really have a gender and he feels comfortable in both men’s and women’s bodies. He also fell in love with a guy once. It tells us something that we don’t have to put boundaries on love. But, as I have said earlier, there are other factors than just love itself.

It is definitely a book that I would recommend to my friends.


4 thoughts on “Young Adult: Every Day

  1. it’s one of my favorite book! I hope they will make a movie of it. And i bet there would be many casts there. hoho

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