I think that I need to learn to detach myself from the relationship. Like any other problem there is, knowing that there is a problem is half of the solution. The other problem is knowing the solution.

So, how do I learn to be less clingy? It is a problem because I become so anxious about the things that he do when we are not together and when he is not texting me. I need to let go of the fact that I should not be consuming most of his time and that he has a life outside of this relationship. I should know that giving him space will avoid suffocating him. I need to learn this because this will result to a healthier relationship and he, in turn, will be seeking me out more.

So, how do you do it. I have been the overthinking guy for so long and I cannot stop thinking of scenarios that could be happening. It is not that I do not trust him, it is just that I am so imaginative. I am so fucked up. I have tried doing activities like reading and watching movies and cleaning but I always end up thinking about him. What is wrong with me?



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