2013 Dagohoy Christmas Gathering

If there is one very good thing about high school is that I met this bunch of people. It may have come late but still it came. So, if there’s a reunion, I will almost always say yes to these people.

The gathering was held at Karen’s house like we always do. It has been the default house for any big gathering of sorts. We tried to be as late as possible because people are always late. But lo and behold, we were one of the few people who arrived late. Hurrah for changing punctuality issues.

We have a lot of food because each person is in charge of one food item for at least 10 people. I love the appetizer made from nori, Lays and pears. It was a good combination of saltiness and sweetness. There was also the crunch from either the Lays or pears. I will definitely try this one in the future. We ate first and then Danessa and her baby came! It’s the first baby of the group.

Then, we had time for a break where some sang in the karaoke and some started drinking. We gathered again for the exchange gift. I got Bene’s gift. Yay! It is a Nike tumbler. Then, we started the drinking to celebrate Bene’s birthday.

I have been out of loop with these people for the past three years. It was only now that I have connected with them. I regret that missed the good parts of the past years but I am so ready to create new good ones with them.


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