Horror: Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2

Horror Stories 2 is a horror anthology from Korea. It features 4 stories of horror, suspense and mystery.

I don’t know if the movie had a strong sense of horror because I am a natural coward myself. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie because the horrors had something in them. They had a story that was relevant enough to magnify the needed horrors.

The movie has a single story line with three other stories embedded in them. The first two were a little heavy because of their story lines but the third was the comic relief of the whole movie. It was what a good horror movie should be: a reason, good effects and chilling sounds.

The sounds made everything worse, you know something is coming and you can’t help it. There were only a handful of people who watched at the cinema. By the end of the movie, we decided to run because we were the only ones left and we don’t want someone calling out our names!


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