The Saigon Central Post Office

The Post Office

The Central Post Office is one of the places in the tour of Ho Chi Minh City. I was never fascinated with post offices because there is nothing much to do but to send mail. Well, that’s what the post offices in the Philippines do. However, Ho Chi Minh did a good job in transforming their own post office into a tourist spot.


In the pillars of the building, names of some scientists and public figures are engraved. They have Laplace, Faraday, Volta, Arago and some others. We were wondering what these meant.

An airy inside.

The inside is big and airy. The center is a souvenir store. The sides contain the counters for sending mail. At the front, there are also telephone booths for international calls and automated teller machines. On the wings are more souvenir shops. It is indeed like a small souvenir store. At the back wall, a framed photograph of President Ho Chi Minh can be found.

I really liked the thought of converting the local post office into a big tourist spot. No only does it spark interest, it also helps maintain the structure of the building.


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