The Independence Palace

The Independence Palace

This place checks off one of the things in my bucket list – visit an Amazing Race pit stop. Of course, they did visit the Philippines once but that should not count. The Independence Palace is the site of home and office of the president of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

The Press Room

There a lot of rooms in the building – mostly are for meetings. Above is a photo of the press room. It has a stage and a lot of chairs. The chairs are very comfortable. As of the present, it is used as a briefing room for tourists.

Another meeting room.

The building has four floors. The first floor houses a general meeting room, dining room and the press room. The second floor has the office and individual meeting rooms. The third floor has the residence of the president and includes rooms for entertainment. The fourth floor has the ballroom and rooftop with helipad.

I admire the preservation of this building. The carpet and the furniture look like they are in top shape and could very well be used in the present.

A view from the top.

The experience is a bit out of the ordinary. The building too provides a different experience in looking at a government building. It is fresh and airy. It is also very ornate and very definitive of the culture of Vietnam.


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