The Thien Hau Temple

The Goddess Thien Hau and how she saved the people lost at sea.

In Ho Chi Minh’s Chinatown is a temple made for the Lady of the Sea by the beliefs of the Southern Chinese communities. They decided to create this temple as gratitude for saving the Chinese when they ventured out to sea and discovered what is now Ho Chi Minh City.

The temple courtyard.

The temple has an open courtyard in the middle where the incense burner is located. On the roof of the courtyard are diorama depicting the Chinese during the 19th century – what their roles in the community are and how they went about in their every day life.

An old Chinese couple offering prayers.
Coiled incense, the altar and a lot of incense burners.

Near the altar hang a lot of coiled incense for special requests. There is also a great piece of art made out of bronze. The tour guide wasn’t able to explain much about the items and art found inside the temple.

I like the temple so much because it isn’t as conservative and the the people are open to having their photos taken. The old couple actually saw me taking photos of them and they gladly posed for the camera.


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