I feel it coming.

It’s like the rage of the people are starting to accumulate. Feelings like this take time and maybe, just maybe, the time has come that the fruit is ripened and ready for harvesting.

I don’t know. People are now a bit more apprehensive about the person who is supposedly leading us. But, if the leader is not knowledgeable, how can the followers do their jobs efficiently.

Efficient. I hear this word often. I hear him say this word often. However, I do not know if he perfectly understands the meaning of such word. I don’t feel efficient at all. I don’t feel his efficiency at all.

I also hear him say that he doesn’t want to over-promise. It turns out, in most times, that he does not promise at all. He says that he has a lot on his plate and that he needs to sort out things first. How long should it take for the sorting to happen.

We, as followers, feel his very big bias towards a certain project. We did not need words to know that that fact is true. And we feel very much disappointed and frustrated that he doesn’t seem to know that he just can’t do that. All of our work are priorities. We are assigned our own units so that their needs can be serviced. When it comes to needing his help on a certain issue, we can’t seem to find the support that we needed; that we deserved.

A mutiny is in the works. No, it isn’t a sign of rebellion. Just like what happened during the Spanish era, we didn’t want to align ourselves with a government which is biased and which neglects what the people need (and want).

His capabilities are suddenly put under the microscope. Can he really do this? Can he really handle us? Will he be really able to lead us to the services that we need to provide this company. Honestly, I don’t think he can and I say that with the biggest benefit of the doubt.


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