A Double Birthday Celebration

My friend and I are both celebrating our birthdays this month. It was just natural that we celebrated with our friends together. This is just practical because we could split the cost between the two of us. Also, since we share the same circle of friends, it’s just right that we do it together.

We decided to treat our friends to Friuli Trattoria in Maginhawa. The street is abundant in places to eat and that it has a lot of other stuff that are open until the wee hours of the morning.

On the way to the venue, the rain fell really hard. We were a bit flushed because we were not prepared. It was really sunny in Marikina and then by Katipunan, the rain was really hard. We had to make do with what we have; that is, one umbrella. We were all wet when we arrived at the place. It was too cold, too, because of the air conditioning.

Some of the people had a hard time getting there because I am not also very familiar with the place. However, when everybody arrived, we all ordered. The thing is, some of the items, or majority of the items we wanted to order were not available. So, it turned out that most of us ordered the same thing instead of ordering different stuff and trying them all out.

In the end, the food is still good despite some major setbacks. I did enjoy my tuna ad mushroom carbonara despite it being spicy. The pizzas were all delicious especially the Tre Formaggio pizza. After dinner, some people had to leave because of other commitments. The remaining members of the party decided to grab drinks at Moonleaf for something sweet.

Teas and Cake

Moonleaf, too, was very hard for me because of, still, the air conditioning. I ordered my usual Wintermelon Black Tea and tried out their Black Velvet Cake. The taste of the cake was good but they could work on it being moist. We didn’t stay long because we wanted to visit our friend’s grandmother who just recently died.

It was a good day. It was a celebration of food and friendship. What more could a birthday boy ask for?


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