Buffet: Tong Yang

Tong Yang is yet another buffet-type restaurant in SM MegaMall. We went there for a farewell party for one of our colleagues who will be transferring to another unit. It was a good thing though that the bonus has arrived and that people are willing to shell out money for this. But, at PHP 400 it isn’t too much to ask for a buffet.

Aside from a smokeless grill, there’s also a pot for broth and soup. It is separated into two so you can choose two soups that will go for whatever solid food you eat. The choices in the buffet include various meat cuts and seafood. There are also vegetables and mushroom for your soup and a whole other items that will go into the broth.

Clockwise from top left: Yangchow Fried Rice and Stir Fried Noodles, Various Yakiniku Items, Lemon Iced Tea, Ice Cream

It was such a nice experience for a buffet like this. Their cooked food include yang chow fried rice, stir fried noodles, sio mai, siopao, crabs, and lechon. This roster is shorter than that of the previous buffets I have visited. However, I loved the taste of their fried rice and noodles.

I then proceeded to the meats and seafood section for my yakiniku fix. I chose a lot fish (salmon, tilapia, bangus) and other seafood (oyster, octopus, squid). Their marinated squid is to die for. I think that they have a wide variety of choices. They also have the best bacon I have ever tasted.

As usual, I am the last of the people to finish eating the proteins. They have a different flavors of ice cream for dessert – orange, cappuccino, chocolate, mango. They also have different ingredients for a halo-halo. I would have wanted a lot more toppings for the ice cream. They only had sprinkles and chocolate chips.

What kind of ‘cake’ is this?

They also have a birthday special for those people who are celebrating their birthday. I am not convinced though. It’s something my young nieces can put together in a jiffy.

Over-all Tong Yang is a different experience from both Yakimix and Sambo Kojin. The inclusion of the shabu-shabu provides a whole other dimension to the experience. The soup adds another flavor to the usual grilled flavors of the meat.

I would definitely want to take my parents here in the future.


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