A Letter to Juliet

Dear Juliet,

Ever since a movie about the wonders of your powers regarding love came out three years ago, I have been religiously watching it on the eve of my birthday. I know in my heart that a love like yours is something I have been praying for.

I want to thank you that after three years, I was granted this wish. I couldn’t say that this love is as strong as yours but I know that it definitely is something that I want.

We didn’t have the best starts. Actually, it is one of those stories where someone had to really work hard for the relationship to happen. However, I couldn’t have done it without his cooperation.

Your intercession and inspiration has been a guiding light for me to know that if there’s something I want, I need to work hard for it. Now, I am reaping all of the rewards of the hard work.

Juliet, it isn’t easy. There are definitely hardships but the good times definitely outnumber and outweigh the bad ones. It’s something that I was praying for and that the expectations were definitely met.

I had the courage to seize this love and this opportunity. That, I have to give credit to you. Someday, I will visit you in Verona because you helped me taste one of the best feelings and experiences this world could offer.

I know that this isn’t all based on your doing and that this circumstance is but a result of different other circumstances and decisions. However, that inspiration to keep me going was definitely attributed to you.

I thank you, Juliet. I want to write a letter once I get to your house. I do hope that his love is still intact as soon as I get there. And also, I hope that this love will evolve into a love to leave loved ones for or a love to cross oceans for.

I also hope that even if this is the first and the last person I will love.

Sincerely yours,



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