Happy 25th Birthday

It was the morning of the 5th of October. The feeling was so right. I had more than 10 hours of sleep. It was, after all, my 25th birthday.

I immediately got out of bed and prepared myself a cup of coffee. There’s nothing more to add to the morning but a good cup of coffee. Ma prepared some pancit for me today. There is this belief that if we eat noodles or anything long on our birthday, we’d have our lifespans lengthened. There’s nothing wrong with the belief and I wouldn’t be losing anything so I just went with it.

My nephew and nieces greeted me a happy birthday. I said thank you back. I ate brunch. The rest of the morning will be spent on general cleaning. I took out all of the trash of my room. I actually have to make this like The Happiness Project style. I wanted to take out all of the clothes I do not wear but that would consume a lot of time and I didn’t have much.

After I cleaned my room, I went to the near grocery store to buy some toiletries. I needed a new bar of soap, shampoo, deodorant and toothbrush. It must have been great coincidence that I needed these stuff on my birthday and they all run out at the same time.

By 1:30 PM, I started preparing to go out. I had one of the longest and best baths ever. It was refreshing and it felt like it was worth it. We were supposed to leave by 2:30 PM but when I arrived at A’s house, he wasn’t finished preparing.

We went to UP because he wanted me to buy the jersey I gave him for his birthday. He said that he wanted us to be partners so I should buy one for myself. Then, we proceeded with a tour of the campus.

The UP Sunken Garden

It was a bright sunny afternoon. There was also the wind which makes the weather a lot more conducive for walking. We went around the Acad Oval and when we were hungry we just picked from the stalls around the oval for our afternoon snack.

A and Me

That’s our first picture as a couple. Normally, he wouldn’t want to take pictures when he doesn’t feel fresh. But, lo and behold, he obliged. Thank you!

We continued with our tour of the Acad Oval and decided to take the jeepney to Katipunan when we reached the College of Music. We even saw one of the UAAP volleyball players in the person of Mayette Zapanta. He said that he wished that he studied in UP. The atmosphere in the campus is very light and fresh. He would have enjoyed the campus too.

After UP, we went directly to the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish in Marikina. I chose this church because it is near the venue for our family dinner. It is my personal habit to make sure that I attend mass on the day of my birthday. A few times before, I was able to attend mass at the Divine Mercy Shrine in both Mandaluyong and Bulacan. Those were the most special birthday masses ever. This was special in its own right because I am with my most favorite person in the world. And that we are celebrating the start of our relationship.

I felt very vulnerable at that time so I was not able to hold back the tears when I was praying after I received communion. There was a lot things to be thankful for and that I just couldn’t contain the happiness I felt after realizing them. The mass didn’t take long to finish and we have enough time to go to the venue.

We took a tricycle to Tiyo’s in San Roque. We have a reservation at 7:00 PM and I didn’t want to be late. When we arrived, my father was already there. Then, my sisters and mother arrived a little later.

The family.

It was nice to have them there. It was also nice to treat them to dinner. It was the only time that I was able to do this and I hope to do this again. This could be a yearly family thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner because of the food, place and company. I was happy that I have A by my side and he was with my family. It’s also nice that the family was able to integrate A into the circle.  Hurrah for no awkward moments.

After dinner, A and I went directly to a volleyball game. I had a hard time adjusting the first few sets because I was really full. But, I got my gears going and I was able to play like I used to play.

It was a very happy day and it was one of the best days ever. It was the best birthday so far and definitely, it will take up a lot of effort to top this one.





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