Various: Quina Pastry Shop and Restaurant

Around Marikina, there have been a surge of house restaurants. These are places that are fully integrated into the owner’s homes. Most likely, these are garages decorated with a bar, some tables and chairs, and items that will be considered as restaurant-ish in effect.

We have found another one along Dragon St., Midtown Subdivision, San Roque, Marikina. I am definitely surprised that a lot has been happening in this part of the city. I must definitely look for something that’s near me. That should be my contribution to this adventure.

Quina is one of that kind of place. It has a very homey feel. It’s like taking your dining area out into the garage. However, the seats aren’t comfortable at all. Theey are round and made out of wood. It makes the lower end of your vertebrae numb. But, it does have a wide screen television for viewing pleasures. That time, The Voice of the Philippines was playing and we enjoyed it.

Vongole Pasta

I haven’t heard of said pasta before. So, it grabbed my attention. Vongole is Italian for clams. And that was what I got. It also has an infusion of white wine into its sauce. It’s a bit on the sour end of the spectrum. A lot of parmesan cheese was needed for me to enjoy it. I was never a fan of clams but it got me eating it big time. I enjoyed the pasta, although, I wasn’t so happy by the taste brought about by the wine. It must have been the alcohol.

Banana Cream Pie

Fr dessert, I ordered a slice of Banana Cream Pie and I was not impressed. Seriously, my 2-year-old niece could assemble this kind of pie. It’s like they didn’t have enough time and just put the crust, banana, chocolate syrup and cream in just under 1 minute. The taste, though, of the individual components worked for me. But the presentation of the whole dish was just depressing.


Iced Tea

The iced tea was one of their saving graces. A measure for a restaurant’s rating is partly based on how their iced tea tastes. Is it too commercial? Does it taste like it’s brewed tea with ice? As for Quina, they have good tasting iced tea. It isn’t too commercial. It doesn’t taste like it came from a sachet.

Some of their cakes were a bit depressing too. The red velvet cake didn’t have enough cream cheese on it and the chocolate cake was grainy. It was definitely worth the try. I think that their rice meals and pasta were good; the desserts, though, were on the flop side of things. It isn’t a go-to-place during the time that you can’t decide where to eat.


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