Fantasy: The Night Circus

The Night Circus

Looking at the book’s cover first, you’d identify that the circus is being manipulated by an individual. It was supposed to be in black and white but something tinted it with red. I was expecting it to be a general fantasy novel but it turned out to have romance in it. I am not complaining.

It started with a challenge. I thought that it was a challenge of skill because the ‘masters’ are talking about how their ‘student’ will be able to beat the other’s student. I thought that it was like a duel or a battle where one wins based on who the judging panel deemed the better of the two. But, in the weird turnout of things, the two ‘students’ met and they fell in love. What could be more complicated than two people put into battle and they suddenly fall inn love with each other.

Such is a great dilemma. It is also a dilemma that is recurring in life.

The world that Morgenstren created was really good. The venue for the challenge is a circus. The circus represents for us things out of the ordinary. It is a very well thought of venue because you would never doubt that some of the things in the circus are made out of magic and not just illusions. It creates a venue for the imagination to run wild. Despite having different ways of learning, they both shared the circus and they recreated the circus for each other instead of against the other. They created rooms and tents to feel the presence of the other. It was a chemical formula that went awry.

I liked the conflict however, there should have been better resolution to it than just a loophole. What could they have done if one should die? It would also have been better if we are introduced to the concept of the challenge. What were the rules? What were the other results? How does it really end? A little background could have helped to make the statement that they could not be together a lot stronger.

However, it does end happily. But, like what they said in the novel, “there are no endings, happy or not. Each event is an overlap of another.”


2 thoughts on “Fantasy: The Night Circus

  1. I loooooved this book! It is one of my all time favourites. It took me ages to read. Usually I just shelve a book if I’m not getting through it quickly. Night Circus was well worth persuing till the end. I really liked the other world feel of this novel…and although it can feel a bit slow at times (that could be just me!!!!) the ‘magic’ of this work has still not left me. One to recommend!

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