Through the Pain

It’s 4:17 AM and I am just about to sleep. I got home at 3:30 AM from a volleyball game. Actually, I was a bit hesitant about playing because I (lightly) sprained my right ankle the other night. However, I felt like I am able to play it again so I did.

Also, I didn’t want to lost an opportunity to bond with A especially now that I know where I stand with him. It was apparent and he said it himself that he is already mine. Actually, I like it better in Tagalog:

Sa’yo na ako.

The Tagalog language is a bit more romantic and a bit more heartfelt.

Before tonight’s game, I dropped by their house to do our usual Saturday movie date. We watched The Purge but he wasn’t really paying attention. It ticked me off a bit. But, nothing compares to just being on the couch with someone who means so much to you. Then, he prepared dinner for us. It’s nice to be doing this every week. We have the afternoon to ourselves and we feel like we really bond.

Then, we went to the game. I must say that I wasn’t really effective in the front because nobody could give me the correct set. All I had to do was adjust. That was the theme for the whole night. It was as if that I didn’t get injured the night before.

Now, I’m tired. So tired that I could sleep in the whole day.


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