American: Charlie’s Grind and Grill

This actually isn’t my first time here. The last time I was here was in June 2012 when we celebrated April’s return to Davao. That time, I ordered a bowl of Meatball Marinara. i wasn’t sure of the serving so I claimed it all for myself despite the fact that the cashier said that it was for sharing. I don’t really believe it when they say for sharing because my appetite isn’t equal to a normal person’s appetite. I could eat in behalf of five people.

The pasta, it turns out, was for three. But, as I have said, I was able to finish the bowl on my own. The pasta was good. The sauce was good. The meatballs were big. They have the biggest meatballs on a pasta that I have ever seen. It makes your Php 300 worth it. Also, they have great tasting iced tea.

Now that we’re back, I realized that I should have ordered a burger. Given that the place is a burger joint, their specialty would have been a burger. I ordered a Bacon Angus Cheese Burger.

Bacon Angus Cheese Burger

It was big! That was a bit of a given. The fries that comes with it, though, was the surprise. The fries were made of real potatoes. They were thick and fried to perfection. The seasoning, too, was tasty. It was salty and savory in one. It had a crunchy outside but a moist inside. These are what will make me fat! I love it.

The burger was also terrific. The slices of bacon weren’t all fat. There was lettuce, onion and tomato. The onions were a bit overwhelming because of their sheer size and number. I would have wanted the patty a bit thicker. Although it is still proportionate to the size of the burger, it would have made the burger a bit more awesome! The patty is still moist and juicy. You have a feeling in you that these items are still fresh and are right off the grill as they are served. I could not have asked for a better burger.

The quota for dining in Charlie’s is over for this year. I’ll be back next year.


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