Word Vomit: Blessings in Disguise

We are always being reminded of the saying “everything happens for a reason”. And, in most cases, we always want to know the reason behind things happening. It’s nature’s irony that we sometimes know the reason behind what has transpired and, to our delight, we become grateful for whatever has happened and the effects it had.

I had that kind of experience. Actually, it was twice the blessing. I have this problem and I tried to put it aside until I have a strong solution to it. I know that putting it aside does not help solve the problem. But, I also know that one factor towards solving a problem is facing it when you’re ready to fight. A man prepared for battle is better than the one with the highest technology. I didn’t have a strategy yet so I was not focusing on it.

Lately, I was given a handsome amount of money (yes, most problems do have money as its cause). It was a solution to one other problem – a problem that is easier to solve. The thing is the handsome amount of money is too handsome. It more than covers for both of my problems. I was actually overwhelmed with the amount when I was given it. I was actually thinking about things I can do with the money because it was that handsome.

So, in the end, after all the overwhelming feeling. I get two of my problems solved. I get to breathe a little easier and I am able to continue with life as if nothing has worried me.

Blessings in disguise are such a great mystery. You never know when they happen. When they do, I really have to be thankful for it. I tried to share whatever amount I have left and I tried to make people feel how life has been good to me.


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