Dramedy: Four Sisters and a Wedding

Four Sisters and a Wedding

What intrigued me most about this movie is the cast. You have Toni Gonzaga (Teddy), Bea Alonzo (Bobby), Angel Locsin (Alex), Shaina Magdayao (Gabby) and Enchong Dee (CJ) in it. Don’t you think that it’s one great recipe for a good movie? Add to that the plot of the story of having to dissuade their youngest sibling from marrying his girlfriend.

I like the plot very much because I have a high sense of connection to it. Lately, I have been working out this relationship with A and I feel like my friends are trying to protect me. That’s what the sisters are doing to their youngest brother, CJ. I, being the most inexperienced, am being protected from the possible heartbreak this relationship could give me. Sometimes, people who care about you tend to be overprotective. And sometimes, they have means that you don’t understand just so you get to see their point.

The thing is, we don’t as friends have as much say in the relationship as the two people involved. They are the ones with the problems and with the knowledge of what happens in it. What we can do is to support them and know that you’re there to help them if they need help.

Also, it’s a bit of a dilemma when we talk about family. I know that they should be the ones who know us best. But it’s also hard to tell them of your failures. You don’t want them to know that you have not yet reached your potential or that you’re not the person they expect you to be.

The movie is a heartfelt comedy with a lot of family drama. It’s a refreshing take on the dynamics of a wedding and how it affects everyone in the family. It also shows the different relationships in the family such as playing favorites. It’s touching and moving and makes you appreciate your siblings more. I do have three elder sisters and I don’t think that they are as overprotective as the sisters in this family. They do, however, have different styles in showing love to one another.



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