Updates, Updates

So what has happened? It’s been too long since I last posted.


I am really happy with how I’m doing at work. You know the to do list you write at the start of the week or day? I usually don’t get to checking half of that weekly list. Lately, however, I am able to cross everything on that list. Well, except for one document where the signatory takes a long time to process everything. I’m just frustrated at that because the document was already reviewed by him. Why is it that it takes a long time for him to sign? But, over-all, I am happy about my progress at work. Also, I get compliments about my work lately. And they say that praise is a better motivation than punishment.

Also, one of my colleagues leaves us for good. Yay. A bit. She’s one of those people who feel like they’re above everybody else. There was a time when she had to take more than an hour just to prove that my grammar was wrong. In the end, she failed. So, it’s just good riddance that she will not be with us anymore. Hey, that sounded like she’s dead. No, she will just move to the USA to be with her boyfriend.


I don’t want to called this love because it isn’t all about that. Anyway, A and I had a wonderful weekend the last time. He made very bold moves about affirming our status as a couple. We have become more comfortable with each other. I just hope that we’ll be together, officially, soon. It’s all up to him though. He offered to walk me to the terminal last Friday. That was during the middle of their set. Then, we watched two movies in their house last Saturday before we went to the court to play. It was a fun-filled weekend and we want more of those.


We only have 107 days until our Vietnam travel. I was thinking that I should buy one item of clothing for the trip every pay day. I should be saving more money so I have more budget for shopping because I was thinking of buying my Christmas gifts in Vietnam. I am so excited for this trip because it will be my first out of the country trip!


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