Various: Gayuma ni Maria

The restaurant’s facade.

Gayuma ni Maria is a restaurant in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. It can be easily found by looking for the Sr. Pedro sign. It actually has its own billboard but it does not have any lighting so looking for it during the night may be more of a challenge. The entrance and facade alone dictates the theme of the restaurant. It does look creepy from the outside and the “foyer” looks like a witch is the owner of the place.

If you are frequent watcher of the Shake, Rattle and Roll movies of the 90s, you’d completely get the vibe. We sat down in the outside smoking area. It was like a Japanese dining room with a very short table and floor pillows. There was a backyard to the right which didn’t have lighting and a big old mirror to the left. The place was perfect for scaring ourselves to death.

One of the problems they say with the place is that it has slow service. We ordered immediately even if we were still waiting for one more person. But, there weren’t many people so we expected that the food will be ready in a flash. What made the ordering more fun are the names of their dishes.


Tuliro is our appetizer. Tuliro roughly translates to dumbfounded in English. It has nachos, cheese dip, grated parmesan cheese, apples, lettuce and a hint if vinaigrette. The cheese on the apple is a new taste for me but it works. I would have preferred that they added more apples because quite frankly, 4 pieces won’t do. The sourness brought by the vinaigrette complemented the cheese nicely. The nachos, though, become soggy when they are soaked long enough in the cheese.

No Boyfriend Since Birth

No Boyfriend Since Birth is my choice for pasta. The name’s fitting for me too! Well, that must be the reason why I chose it. It’s spaghetti with pesto cream sauce with mussels and garlic bread. Actually, the components aren’t all married together. The pasta could stand on its own and the mussels are added just so they can say that it’s a seafood pasta.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight is another pasta dish. It’s also pesto cream based but with sun-dried tomatoes. It’s great for a sunny summer afternoon. It’s light, despite the cream, and very refreshing. It’s different from the seafood pasta because of the components. This one, it’s more cohesive and generates the flavor that you want from a dish named Afternoon Delight.



Native Love

Native Love is chicken that is marinated and then blanched. It has a ginger – coconut milk sauce and some fries on the side. I am usually apprehensive when ordering chicken because some places do a bad job at cooking it. Undercooked chicken is one of the worst food you’d ever encounter. But, I must say that this chicken is cooked perfectly. The flesh easily separates from the bone. The sauce enhances the flavor of the chicken.  The fries were also cooked perfectly. It has a nice crisp on the outside and it was moist on the inside.

The place was so perfect for sharing horror stories. The venue called for it. When my friend was about to reach the climax of the story, the waiter decided to open the door. The door has this creepy sound you’d normally hear in horror movies. We were so engrossed in the moment that we screamed our lungs out. I screamed my lungs out. I was facing away from the door so the sound was all I heard.

After that moment, we were all laughs because of the situation. It was heart-pounding and the fact that we were so affected made it so funny.

The food was generally good and the experience made it the more worth it. The night was refreshing and it wasn’t our normal Sunday night.





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