Musical Drama: Moulin Rouge

The show must go on.

Yes, mock me. This movie has been on for so long and it is only now that I watched it. You might kill me if you knew that I’m a newbie fan of movie musicals. Isn’t this one of those classics? So, I took the liberty and opportunity of watching the said movie for this week.

Before all of the festivities of discussing the movie, is that really Ewan McGregor singing? If, yes, then, I am so having a crush on him right now.

The major thing I can say about this movie is that I’m like on a hangover especially in the first part of the movie. The characters in this movie are nuts! The filming makes you want to pull your hair out. The ideas are just out of this world especially the part where Christian is introduced to Spectacular Spectacular.

It’s sad to not have experienced this type of culture. The Moulin Rouge would have been a very interesting place to be in.

Nicole Kidman did an amazing job as Satine. And that is validated by her Oscar nomination. The ambition is there but there is also the wonder of knowing what love is. Suddenly, I want to sing I Want to Know What Love Is. Given that this movie is a jukebox musical, the song was just fitting. The Moulin Rouge is a great place to discover dance, culture and love. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in an elephant and be serenaded by Ewan McGregor to the tune of Elton John’ Your Song.

I love this movie’s production and costume design. Everything is just so vibrant and so representative of the era it is supposed to be in. The music is very engaging and the characters are what you expected them to be.

This is the classic story of love that could not be. But, as the tagline tells you, the show must go on. Satine has tuberculosis. At that time, it is a deadly disease and has no cure yet. If the movie was set in the 21st century, that would hardly matter. It’s just sad when you are both in love and you just can’t be together.

I want to see the Broadway musical just so I can compare if it still feels like a hangover.


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