Word Vomit: Protection

There has been an influx of text messages from a certain random number.

He kept telling me bad things about A – about how I’d never be someone he’ll like, about how he is already in love with another person, about how I don’t deserve someone like him. These are some of the things he boldly told me. He also warned me about the possibility that he’s already in love with someone else that he won’t even be interested in me.

It hurts.

And he does the same things to A. He kept telling him about what I’m supposed to think or do. He told A that he isn’t the one for me and the he doesn’t like A and me getting back together.

This, he proclaims he does because he is a friend.


I know that the intentions are there but there is definitely a better way of telling us these stuff. I haven’t been a closed book regarding this relationship with A and I definitely let my friends feel that I am open to whatever it is they want to say. How could a ‘friend’ do this to his friend?

Why, I am not even surprised. I am just wondering what he gets from all these. What is in it for him? Will he get the satisfaction he needs when A and I break up? Will he be so much happier having to see his friend sulk in the depths of sorrow? How could he have even thought of this idea?

I just wish that people will have the courage to tell stuff to other people’s faces. It would have been better that way. I would have appreciated it more.

In the end, I don’t need his supposed ‘protection’. I need them to let me make my own decisions and learn from my own mistakes. That’s how life works. If not, I would just make the same old decisions because I don’t know what effect they have. So much for being friends.


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