Word Vomit: Buses and Trains

I walked under a bus. I got hit by a train. I keep falling in love which is kinda the same.

I was on my way home when I suddenly had this song enter my mind. The lyrics to the song are kind of apt to my situation.

Remember the singer complaining about how her mom never teaching her anything? I feel like that too. It seems like I don’t have anybody to talk to regarding my situation. I don’t have older people to rely on in terms of advice about the world or love. I get the generic stuff but I need someone who has the expertise in dealing with situations that I also encounter.

Actually, I don’t have to blame anyone because we are ought to be resourceful.

When it comes to love, I never seem to have someone to look up to. All I have are people of the same age with a little more experience than me. I never get to know how the dating thing goes or how I know if someone likes me. It’s just confusing sometimes.

And that’s how I feel lately too – being walked under a bus and hit by a train.


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