Unlikely Place

You find comfort and understanding in the weirdest places.

I have this high school classmate. We weren’t really close but we are just surrounding each other’s circles. Just lately, we got around to socializing with each other and got to know each other more.

He caught me in the middle of my fight in saving my relationship with A. And, I think that he had a sensible thought on the subject.

In our current group of friends, I am the protected one – like the princess. I am the one with the least amount of experience in the dating and relationship thing so I guess they are overprotective at times. So they try to keep on shielding me from what might happen in my relationship.

He said to me that I should not let the others get into my head because other than me and A, nobody knows how the situation is going. That actually cleared my mind. Of course. No matter what they think, they’d never know the real score and feelings in this relationship because they are not me nor A.

He also had other stuff to say that opened my mind about this relationship. How I might be too idealistic. How I may have put too much pressure on someone. And how I could have been to available.

I think that we made a connection there. We may not be the best of friends but we definitely had each other’s best interest in mind.


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