Sensing Hyopcrisy

I am tired of this holier-than-thou attitude of yours. It doesn’t help too that you are supposedly a devout Catholic – a warrior of the Church.

Maybe so, I don’t know. You give out the worst judgments ever. You talk without even knowing the whole situation. You let your mouth get the best of you because you think that you can always coerce people into thinking what you’re thinking. You want people to abide by the rules that you follow. You want your principles to be our principles too.

You know what, I think that’s great. It’s how you do things that aren’t commendable. You talk and you don’t think. That’s a very bad combination.

Your approach to doing things may have worked when we were little. Guess what, we went to school, we got ourselves educated and we were able to do the thing called “thinking for ourselves”. You don’t scare me by your tactics anymore because I know how to put you off. I know how to counterattack and I make it look more poised.

I don’t even want to argue because it’s futile. You don’t admit you’re wrong and you don’t even consider that we bring good arguments to the table. Also, your pity card don’t work anymore because, honestly, I don’t find you pitiful.

The only thing I’m considering now is that you’re an elder in the family and I still have to respect you. If not for that, I would have blown your stupid ass into pieces.


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