Not Your Slave

Ever since I have decided to work more conscientiously, I have also noticed how other people are at work. I mean, what their attitude is or how they deal with other people.

I got irritated.

You know the part when someone says a lot about putting a premium on important things and that something needs to be done because others are at a temporary stop because they’re waiting for it? Well, I want to throw swear words at him. I just can’t because I’m not that kind of person. And, that isn’t professional at all.

I think we need to be mindful of our actions and our words. They should be aligned. If not, we’ll just look like dumb asses trying to coerce others to make our lives a little bit easier. He should realize that he isn’t the only person we’re servicing and we’re trying our best to provide the services that we promised.

However, he should work for his end of the deal to. This work isn’t a one-way street. We’re requiring stuff from you and we put a deadline on that too. If only he’d realize that we don’t have the documents yet because they haven’t submitted. That ought to put him in his proper place. We aren’t your slaves. We’re doing this as partners and being partners we’re on a level playing field.

Don’t boss us around because we don’t call on you when you don’t do your part. We just remind you in a nice and gentle way. I don’t care if you can’t do some of the stuff you should be doing. You’re not our only customer and we can’t always spend our time doing stuff for you.Seriousl


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