Happy 34th Anniversary

Dear Ma and Pa,

Happy 35th Anniversary to you. I know that it is a bit farfatched for you to read this because you are currently in Ifugao. Last year, you were in Puerto Princesa. Now, this. Could this be a sign of things to happen? Where will you be going next year?

Anyway, that’s not the point of this open letter.

I would just like to say something that I don’t say often. I love you. I love you very much. We don’t really have a close relationship given the childhood I had. Much of my growing up years weren’t spent with you. But, I know that somehow, you have ingrained in me some of the values and virtues that you uphold – like, believing in a higher power that watches over us. That’s what I like most about the both of you. You have been spiritual and religious that you don’t think that bad could ever happen in our lives. You are both a positive influence.

I would also like to say that despite us not living under the same roof for most of my life, I have never felt like I had no support from you. I tell you stuff that I want to do and you tell me that you’re with me the whole way. Well, that is if what I want to do isn’t against any law. You supported me when I wanted to go dancing or when I joined the volleyball team or when I said that I wanted to go to Ateneo. You were there during performance nights and graduations and other special occasions.

I would also like to say thank you for being able to suck it up and raise us four kids of yours. I am actually proud that you were able to let us get through to college and good colleges at that. It says something about your child-raising skills. Also, despite what others think, I am proud that you were able to raise children like us. And that’s saying something. We may not be all alike but we all know a thing or two about the values and virtues that you uphold.

Wow. 34 years. If I were married and I reached 34 years of marriage and I am half as happy as you two, I’d be really proud of myself. Well, you’re on your way to that life with each other forever, I do hope that it’ll last that long.





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