Maybe, this day is just like any other day. Or not.

I went to work expecting nothing but to have a good lunch. Why is that you ask? I woke up late and I was on a hysterical during my preparation for work. And on my way out, I just yelled to my mother that I won’t be bringing lunch to work today. So, that was what I was looking forward to the most.

When I was waiting in line to ride the shuttle, I was thinking of Burger King or Wendy’s or Army Navy. That was how special I wanted lunch to be.

I arrived the office looking flushed and hassled because of the heat and of the traffic I have to endure to ride the elevator. Yes, our building has elevator traffic. You wouldn’t mind being late because of the natural traffic on the road but to be late because of the elevator is unacceptable. And, apparently, that’s the reason why I am late for majority of the time.

As I sat down on my workstation, my officemate told me that she’ll need us to come with her to Katipunan to fetch her daughter from the review center. Katipunan. Ooh. It has been a long time since I have been back there. My thoughts of a wonderful lunch suddenly had concrete plans.

The traffic made the wait for lunch so worth it. We tried Chubby Chicken for our meals. I ordered the chicken parmigiana and wished that it would be as delicious as the one served in Banapple. While waiting for our order, we decided to drop by the neighboring stall of Starr’s. They’re supposedly known for their milkshakes.

Part of Starr’s menu

When I saw the menu, my eyes instantly sparkled. OMG. They have such wonderful flavors like brownie chunks and cookie dough and caramel! I ordered the peanut butter, banana and caramel milkshake. It was heavenly! I need to go back to the place. The milkshake was so smooth it’s like the flavor is powdered and they just added water. That’s how smooth it is. And the flavor is just distinct! You’d really taste the peanut butter, banana and caramel individually.

When we arrived back at the office, I was able to see the serving of the chicken parmigiana. It was big. I love big servings but the chicken does not work alone. You need to pair it with rice because left overs shouldn’t be eaten alone. I love the taste of the cheese and the tomato sauce. The chicken was tender but there seems to be excess in breading. To be quite frank, I need them to increase the amount of chicken flesh in the dish so as not to compromise the quality.

I had a meeting as soon as I finished eating. I thought that it would last the afternoon but apparently, I was wrong. It was a very short meeting about forms. Knowing that forms is part of my expertise, it was just a piece of cake. The meeting was so fast because, apparently, they do not know that their old forms are already updated and ready to go. Great, no? And may I take note that I am very flattered when one of the managers kept saying that it’s my expertise and that the forms I design are of good quality – aesthetics and content-wise.

I forgot that one of my colleagues is celebrating her birthday today. So, guess what, more food. We have the usual pancit palabok and cake from Luxe!


Chocolate mousse!

As if I wasn’t too full from the milk shake and the chicken, I still ate our birthday treat! By the way, the milk shake could substitute for one meal on its own. We usually order our pancit from Amber’s so it isn’t new to my taste. The cakes were beautiful. I just hope that they’re as delicious as they look. I actually had two servings of pancit before I took the cakes to heart. Wow. I didn’t know that I could still fit food into my stomach.

The chocolate mousse was awesome! It wasn’t heavy to the stomach and it wasn’t too sweet. The combination of the two makes it easier to digest despite the fullness level of my stomach.

Today is a long day – work-wise and food-wise. I think that dinner is out of the picture right now. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll also look for an awesome lunch.


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