The Concept of Romance

My ideas of romance have been awfully distorted.

I should really stop watching these tv series and movies that features two people who are destined to fall in love no matter what happens. I really should stop reading this books on happily ever after. I should really stop fantasizing about these Disney love stories that portray a young girl, meeting an incredibly wonderful man and falls madly in love with him. Nothing much has happened through the course of the movie and yet they still end up together.

Why do I bother with these anyway? Why can I not fully separate real life romance from what I see or read about? Why can I not understand that romance is not the type that you meet, you fall in love with each other and you live happily ever after?

I am just sad that my notion of love is that of tv series and movies. It’s sad that I think of love as something that is easily attainable once you see the person you want? Why can I not understand that this has to be a two-way street for it to be called attraction?

This is my problem right now. I don’t think that my love life follows any other plot shown in the movies. I haven’t read a book that has the same story as this. Right now, I am lost because I don’t exactly know what to do next. I am looking for a way to make the story go back to the normal plot lines of romantic films. The mere fact that I’m trying to do that means that I am so screwed right now.

Maybe what they show in the movies is the shorter, easier version of love. But, why? What’s the point? When people go back to their daily lives they just get so frustrated that they don’t get to experience the same love story. The same “we’re worlds apart but we will be able to make it” kind of feeling. All we are left are hopes and dreams that some day we might find our prince charming or damsel in distress. We are left with the frustration that we can’t find our own prince charming or damsel in distress.

I like to experience the kind of love that Juliet has. I want to experience that kind of love Juliet received from Romeo. Despite all the odds, they did try to make it happen. They just couldn’t make it to the end. I want to have the same kind of love but with a different kind of ending. But maybe, I am just being impatient that I couldn’t see that things are going my way. Or I am just too blinded that I am thinking that things are going my way.

I said that love is a two-way street. It does not only apply to the two people involved but it also has two different perspectives to each situation which makes it more complicated than it already is. Maybe, the mere fact that I haven’t experienced love is the main reason why I think too much.

Maybe, I just need to be in love so that I tell whether my notions of love are true or not.


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