What Work Did to Me

I have been stressed and overwhelmed a lot lately. Or I made myself stress and overwhelmed. Actually, I haven’t been able to fully recuperate from all the tiring work of the past weeks.

The start of May was very big for me. Actually, the middle of April started it all. It was the time when people were resigning and transferring units. When they had to move out (internally or externally) then it was just natural that their projects are transferred to other people. And guess who they picked? Me. Well, not everything was transferred to me. Some were given to me for reasons that I’ve worked on them before and the others were just given to me for line balancing.

I was completely overwhelmed. Some of these projects are stuff that I haven’t handled before especially those that concern products. I am just accustomed to doing projects with the various units for process improvement. So, when the influx of projects started, I got so confused to which stuff I should prioritize. It was good, though, that some of the projects are put on hold.

One of the more important ones are about the transfer of some FTEs from one unit to another. It was the biggest of all the projects I inherited. Well, it packs a lot of pressure because of the magnitude of its impact to the company. And it involves a lot more critical thinking than what I have used in my projects so far. It was also the project that sent me to Cebu (overnight and) alone.

That week was probably the highlight of my stress level. I was so tired from flying to Cebu at 7 in the morning and going home at 9 in the evening. The flight was supposed to be 7 PM but we got delayed for two hours. Imagine going to a foreign place at the start of the morning, learning all you had to learn in a span of two days and going back at the end of the second day. That could take its toll on a lot of people. I was so bummed to learn about that. Supposedly, it was a three day official business trip but a boss decided to cut it short for costing purposes. How about the employee’s welfare? Isn’t that important too?

The trip was Wednesday and Thursday. We were supposed to present our findings last Friday that’s why I had to go to work despite feeling so tired and exhausted. However, the presentation did not push through. That surely dampened my move.

It’s really stressful because I have been subject to projects that have a lot of impact in the company. It’s not that I am complaining about the magnitude it was just so abrupt that I wasn’t able to adjust easily. It’s like me being in college all over again.

I do hope to get a lot rest this weekend so I can get back on track with regards to my feelings and emotions about this job. I don’t want to lose control and I just cannot lose control.


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