The Trek to Ditumabo Falls

The last thing on the tour around Baler is a trip to Ditumabo Falls or what we fondly called Mother F(alls). Well, the locals call it Mother Falls too but we just shortened the Falls to F to make it sound much more appealing and scary.

The road to the foot of the mountain is as bumpy as hell. It isn’t paved at all and it is made of really big rocks. It wasn’t that short either. It was like 15 minutes of that one-way. When we arrived at the foot of the mountain, it was like a camp in there. And you’d be greeted a knee-deep fresh water stream that is really cold. After a really long day of touring, the most relaxing thing to do is just to sit down by the stream and let the water run by you.

The trek to the falls itself takes a good 20 minutes. You’d see more of the stream with some parts having stronger current. While we were there, there was a light drizzle which was expected of the area. It was bit of a struggle because some of the rocks are very slippery and you’d really fall if you aren’t careful. There are also parts where we will be walking on grass and land. I was at the front of the pack because they are so slow and I really want to get to the falls itself as early as I could.

There was one part of the river where a bridge made out of bamboo is built. To cross the bridge, you have to pay one peso. The river, though, could crossed without the help of the bridge because (1) it’s too shallow and (2) the current is not strong at all. We just paid for the use of the bridge to help with the livelihood of the people living there.

Towards the end of the trek, we walked by the concrete that covers the pipe that brings some of the water to a lower water storage facility. It was the easiest part of the trek because we don’t have to contend with rocks and uneven walking paths. We were introduced to the falls with a couple of baby falls that are found in regular intervals.

The water was so cold! It was like swimming in a pool made out of melted ice. The depth wasn’t even too. There was a part that is very deep and then it becomes more shallow by the middle. It was really refreshing. After a very long day of going around Baler and its nearby municipalities, this was a very great ending to the day. The water is so fresh that you won’t feel so sticky and icky despite the amount of sweat that is on your body.

The falls made all the trip worth it. It is definitely one of the highlights of the tour. I wished that we stayed long but it was almost night time and it’s hard to make our way back to the foot when it’s already dark. Also, I was shivering like crazy because I could not take the cold. So, I was a bit relieved when we were going back down.

Definitely, I’ll be back and I’ll prepare for a longer swim in the cold waters.


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