The Refreshing Stream of Diguisit Falls

Since Baler has mountains surrounding it, you’d expect that there will be waterfalls nearby. We weren’t wrong because just around the corner from the Aniao Islet is a small waterfall called the Diguisit Falls.

Actually, you wouldn’t easily notice it because it’s hidden behind a patch of trees at the side of the mountain. Only, you’d see fresh water running on the road and if you follow it, you’d see where it is all coming from. The climb to the falls is a bit steep and you need to be very careful in climbing because one wrong step would leave you rolling back to the side of the road.

It’s actually very refreshing in the area. After a sun-soaked stroll on the reefs, you’d really want to be under the shade. Since the trees provide a roof from the heat of the sun, it was an ideal spot to rest before continuing on with the journey. Also, the water is ice cold! The first relieved myself of all the heat that I have accumulated after the activities of the first half of the morning.

I wanted to submerge myself in the water but the tour guides told us that there will be time for that later. Also, we could not fit in the stream because the falls is so small and it cannot accommodate all of us.

We spent a short time in the area because it was already lunch time and we wanted to eat and relax in a place where there is air conditioning. Because of the experience with this falls we became so excited when we learned that we will visit a much bigger one later.



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