Word Vomit: The 75 Days of You and Me


I could not believe that we have been doing this for 75 days already. By this, I meant that we are trying to build a relationship.

I was so happy the day you said that you’re open to the possibility of us building a relationship. There were times that I almost felt like this is going to be a dead end because we weren’t making any progress. But, anyhow, every month we have elevated our status to something higher from what we initially started.

Remember last November when I said that I liked you and you just brushed me off? You told me that a friend was all you could ever be to me. So, what happened? We’re on to something like you wanting to make me happy and vice versa.

It’s a long tough road. But, I guess, the passion started to kick in when you were responsive to the things I was doing. I was especially happy when you didn’t care about being seen with me and when others started teasing us.

I am also happy that you’re being honest about the adjustment you’re going through. I know that you’re still thinking of how a same-sex relationship work but so am I. I want us to make this journey together. I know that you sometimes receive pressure from me but I also like that you tell me to take it slow. There’s nothing so wrong about building a strong foundation for a relationship.

Thank you for letting me hold your hand on our way back from Baler. Thank you for the hugs before we sleep.

I want you to be the first and the last.


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