The Reefs of Aniao Islet

Remember when Baler was in the boundary of the mountain and the sea? After visiting Ermita Hill, we have our first ‘beach’ experience by visiting Aniao Islet. When you pass by it, you’d find three towering rock formations. I forgot to ask what there are made of and what brought them there.

They could be old boulders from the mountain and since it was a very long time ago, they were integrated into the reef. You would really wonder where they came from because before them, it was a stretch of nicely colored sand beach.

Along with the rock formations, there’s also a big area of dead reef with small ponds that accommodates different sea animals. So, despite the heat of the sun, we went on an adventure that includes having our foot massaged by the dead reef.

There is a small patch of sand that you have to go through before you reach the mini sanctuary. Then you have make your way through the dead reef before you get to the sand-less beach. And within the reefs, there are a lot of sea animals that you’d find. Small fish, starfish, sea urchins, differently colored fishes. We got intrigued by the mechanics of how the sea urchin defends itself. It turns out, when they are poked, all the spikes direct themselves to the area where there is an unidentified object.

We even tried to get a pet starfish. The starfish in this estuary (yes, I finally found the word!) aren’t the big fat ones that we are used to. They do not look like Patrick. Instead, they’re the skinny ones that looks like they have a lot hair. There were also brightly-colored fishes in the water (blue, green, pink). You name it, they have it.

When traversing the area, people should always wear slippers because you’d never know when you’d step on a sea urchin. We wanted to go the place where the water is a little higher because of the sun but we soon found out that it was infested with a lot of sea urchins. Also, we tried to go to the rock formations to examine them but we need to pass by the water and a lot more corals before we get to them. It would have been nicer to examine them and identify what they’re made of.

We just enjoyed the site and it looks like a place that’s good for taking jump shots!


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