The First Sleepover

We have achieved a new first. A sleepover.

Supposedly, it was a The Voice marathon sleepover because I’m already on leave for May 9. I was excited for this but there was a change in the plan because he wanted to play and I also wanted to play. So, he’d be sleeping over after the game. Still, a sleepover.

We were supposed to meet early because the game’s call time is 8 PM. However, due to some circumstance that are out of our control as regular employees of the bank, we had to extend our working hours. We are to embark on a business trip next week and we don’t have a hand at the logistics because of certain constraints. We had to work it out and did some planning because the next time we’ll be meeting (me and my teammate) is on Friday next week. Great?

We left the office at 7:30 PM. I was surprised when he offered to wait for me instead of going to the game ahead. That’s sweet. He’d drop by the house first and we’d go to the court together. Maybe that’s what we’re supposed to do now – do stuff together, always be together, be seen together.

Supposedly, we are to go home by 11:30 or 12 but since we were so both into the game, we decided to just finish it. As soon as we’ve finished cleaning up, we went straight home. I showered a bit because I refuse to use other people’s soap. He went for the laptop and watched videos on YouTube.

I’m not expecting anything from this sleepover. Just two people wanting to sleep after a long hard game (and workday). I was not thinking of sexual stuff because I rarely do that to people I really really like. But, he let me hug him to sleep. YAY. He didn’t want me rubbing his tummy but he said that the hug was okay.

I wasn’t able to sleep at all. Because all of these thoughts are running through my mind. I don’t want anything to happen between us because I’m really reserving that for a moment where we both know and feel that it’s the time. Also, I am so excited for our coming trip to Baler.

It’s just nice that he’s agreeing to things like this. I know that he’s still adjusting to the thought of a same-sex relationship but I am just happy that he’s trying.

What first are we going to try next?


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