Immaturity and Petty Things

Remember the times when we were young and disagreements are easily settled by apologies and pieces of chocolate? Remember the times when we were young and we so wanted to have friends that we’d back out of an argument for the sake of peace? Remember the times when we were able to realize that things won’t necessarily come our way and compromises are needed just so we can move on with our lives?

Remember the times when a simple sorry could do the trick?

I so want those times to return and that people won’t be too immature in dealing with what life throws back at them.

It was a pretty nice Sunday afternoon. I was prepared to watch a volleyball game and I was lying comfortably in my bed. I received a message that someone decided to bail on our weekend trip to Baler. I was left aghast and I tried to not worry about it because it is something I don’t want to handle at the moment.

I should not be stressing myself over this petty issue but I am affected a lot. I have been planning this trip for quite some time and people would just go around shouting that they won’t be coming because they had a misunderstanding with one of the attendees. How close-minded could that be?

You remember the volleyball game I was supposed to watch that afternoon. My friends wanted to go watch that live and they had plans. It turns out that the friend who wants to bail asked the other friend for one more ticket. Due to the excitement or for whatever reason there may be, he forgot to buy one more ticket. So, the bailing friend’s friend does not have a ticket. The thing is, though, two people wanted to compromise because their section is not selling tickets anymore. They volunteered themselves to move to another section to accommodate our friend and his friend.

Isn’t that nice?

But, no. That isn’t enough for our friend and that merits a whole lot of drama which ends up in a walkout. Who does that nowadays? Isn’t that something drama queens do? And after all of the effort of going to venue, you’d just end up storming out of there? How could a compromise not be enough?

I really don’t understand the logic behind the walkout and the bailing. Is the situation so hard to understand and bear that you’d ruin the vacation for everybody? Is the situation so out of hand that a simple discussion won’t suffice?

Where have all the understanding and maturity gone?


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