Things just get so crazy, living life gets hard to do.

Who wouldn’t remember such lines from a famous Maroon 5 song? And, if you must ask, it’s the story of my life lately. It is really crazy with A and volleyball and school and work. These are the four things that are the center of my life right now.  The roller coaster has begun, some of the loops have been experienced and I am still up for a lot in the future.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed with all that’s happening between A and me. The mini fight we had about me not being a priority turned out to be a good one. He talked about being sorry that I was feeling that way and that I’d be a priority if he wanted to. He talked about thinking more about his decisions and that he’d make up for what just happened. It was true. Instead of me almost always suggesting things we do, he, instead, took the lead on our activities. He invited me to watch him play in a league. He dropped by the house every now and then. He’s making life a little more easier toe bear because with him I know that I would always have a shoulder to lean on to.

We’re still on the phase of getting to know each other. But, I really want us to achieve that relationship status. Maybe, not just right now because he’s trying to figure out the kinks of a same-sex relationship. I, too, am trying to figure it out since I have never been in one. So, it’s a learning process for both of us. And, I have been learning a lot these past few weeks.

School took a toll on me these past two weeks because it’s my final exam and the submission of both our problem set and project. I am a bit flustered with all the school work that I needed to do. I have almost forgot how it is to study. I was so stressed the last two weeks and that I was a bit depressed with my exam because I wasn’t at all happy with what I’ve done. I just hope that I did enough good to merit an acceptable grade and I really promise to do better in the next classes.



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