Resurgent Wednesday

I have always loved going back to work after a rest day. Since I didn’t go to work yesterday, I was a bit excited even if I am still under the weather. I was a bit slow in preparing for work. I was still able to eat breakfast at home. I realized that the students are already on vacation and traffic won’t be horrible today. So, I took my time.

When I arrived at work, I had a short time of just staring at the computer. It was like I am adjusting to the office environment. I was thinking that maybe it was not a good decision to go back to work. But, had I stayed at home, my boss would have required me to submit a medical certificate. Sucks, right?

So, I decided to meet with one of the product managers regarding the new product that is assigned to me. Yey? Could be? At least, we get to meet. This meeting is long overdue. I still have to experience working with a product. I am a bit excited for this project and this experience.

The rest of the day, I was just studying for my exam this Friday. I’m a great employee this week. No?

At 2 PM, I still have another meeting. I thought that I’d have a lot of participation for this but it turns out, I only have around 20 minutes. And the meeting lasted for more than 3 hours! I should have excused myself and studied more. Still, it sucks. Although, I feel a whole lot better than I did yesterday.


WaWhat I have to do tomorrow? Study for my exam and learn to trust people. I am such a paranoid.


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