The Cost of a Million Dollars: The Open Water

Bora-Bora, French Polynesia is the starting line for this leg of the race.

The teams start the leg on the wee hours of the morning. They had to travel by water taxi to Motu Toopua Nui. That’s the name of the place shown in the picture above. However, the water taxis board at 7:30 AM. Naturally, their lead just diminishes and that the ones with penalty at the end of the last leg gets an advantage.

While waiting for the water taxis, David & Connor takes Jessica & John on the side to talk about the second express pass. However, Jessica & John thinks otherwise because they want the other teams to suck up to them. And that was what happened. Some of these teams did suck up to Jessica & John. I mean, why would you not if you get to end up with an advantage in the game?

Upon their arrival on the island, they have to go find a chapel where they’ll be receiving a blessing from a priest and a clue to their Detour. The Detour choices are Pick a Pearl or Take a Trunk. It will be either harvest pearls in open water or dive for a treasure trunk and create an underwater dining experience. Both need the team to go underwater to complete the task. What else is there to do in Bora-Bora but the sea? And so, Dave & Connor forgot to pick up their bag of underwater equipment for either Detour and they only noticed it when they were in the venue. That sucks. The water is so clear that it would be so hard to see anything below.

Then, these two doctors, Idries & Jamil, started bickering about not being able to get into open water. Hello, you got into The Amazing Race for art’s sake. You should know what you’re up against and water and swimming challenges will always be part of the tasks that will be thrown at you. You both suck and you are both disappointing contestants.

Once done with the Detour, they have to make their way to Motu Tapu via personal watercraft and by navigating themselves to the island using a provided map. On the island, they are given a Roadblock to participate in a local game of balancing on stilts and kicking a coconut through 35 yards of sand. It didn’t look that difficult because the sand can still provide support on all of the different sides of the stilts.

By the time the teams with penalty were racing, they were able to catch up with two other teams. So, instead of it being a race between two teams, it became a four-way battle to escape elimination. The doctors, Idries & Jamil, were eliminated in the end despite the four-hour penalty of two other teams. They had a hard time going through one Detour and took a long time to decide to switch to another.

The island of Motu Tapu is the pitstop for this leg of the race.

What have we learned from this leg? You do not come to The Amazing Race prepared. And, if you’d think you’ve seen and done it all, you better think twice. For doctors, they were short of determination and deciding skills. It would have been better if they just suck it up and thought of getting the task over with instead of just whining and talking nonsense about it. Also, isn’t it a staple in The Amazing Race for water challenges? Who the heck are you to apply and not know about that?




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