Chipper Tuesday

After all that is said and done, I definitely had a good morning. Last night was epic and probably one of the emotional highs of my life.

So, despite the fact that I almost woke up late and took a long time to prepare and a very congested C5 and being late for work, I was in a chipper mood. Actually, as soon as I get to the office, I dropped my bag, got a notebook and pen, and went directly to a meeting that was almost over. After that, there was another meeting an invitation to which was sent just this morning. Apparently, I haven’t seen it because I wasn’t in the office then. I had to sit down for another hour of meeting which I am not prepared for. But, who cares, as long as the time goes by fast, I do not care.

And, time did fly by. By the moment we were finished, it was lunch time and we need to grab a bite to eat. Easy pickings for lunch as I started to watch The Amazing Race episodes on my backlog. Then, received a message from him that he went back to sleep because today’s appointment was moved to tomorrow. I slept for half of lunch break and felt rejuvenated when the afternoon came.

The curse of the Unholy Hour of the afternoon was lifted temporarily today. It must be partly because I am a bit busy with doing forms. I like forms because they are not a strenuous way of being productive. It’s more on aesthetics rather than content. The content is easier to identify because you’d just have to decide which data or information are important. That’s what I did.

I did not notice that it was already 4 PM and that Sam’s tea party was on its way. The rest of the day was as chill as ever. I do not know what to make from the day but I know that I was definitely chipper until the end of the banking day.

Yakult + Peach Drink from Moonleaf

On the way home, he said that he’d be playing ball tonight and that he’d go home directly after. There was another word after that sentence. It said, promise. I couldn’t be happier. Is this our thing now? He’d say where he’s going? It’s not as strong as asking for my permission but it’s definitely a start. It means that he knows I’d be looking for him and that he’d want to let me know early what his plans are. It was sweet and definitely one of the things that made my day.

That and Jason Mraz on my playlist was perfect. I can’t wait for what the future holds for us. This is turning out to be a new era in my life.


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