Travel Frenzy

It has been great for Philippine domestic tourism when local airlines offer low airfare prices for local and international destinations. One of the most familiar is Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare.

Just last Thursday, there was an offering of the said fare. It was time to stop working and start looking for new places to discover.

I immediately messaged my friends and asked them what place they want to visit next. Then, I suddenly realized that I could not book for all of them so I just messaged my two closest friends of the moment if they want to go to the Ati-atihan Festival on January 2014. It was a great coincidence that there were still flights to the said destination on the dates that the festival will be held.

They said that you have never experienced a Philippine festival when you haven’t attended an Ati-atihan Festival. It was a great opportunity to immense ourselves into the culture of our own country.

So, in that moment, I suddenly have travel plans to Kalibo!

Going to Kalibo

Later that day, my colleagues knew about the said Piso Fare. They wanted to travel to and discover new places. They were looking for international destinations. They were calling all single people to join in. Being single and all, they wanted me to go to. I was working then so I was just saying yes and I wasn’t too sure that they’d still get flights because I know that tickets of this nature easily run out.

Then, they wanted to go to near destinations such as ASEAN countries. They checked Thailand and Cambodia. They diidn’t want to go to Malaysia because of the recent news with regards to Sabah. At last, they found relatively low fares to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. I wanted to go to Vietnam because I want to know what it’s like to live in a Communist country. I want to understand the difference especially in culture.

Going to Ho Chi Minh City!

So, on that day alone, I have made travel arrangements for the rest of the year until the first quarter of the year 2014. I am suddenly excited! It will be my first international destination and my first Philippine festival!


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