The Continuation of a Story

It has been a week since the DTR incident. You’d wonder what happened.


We talked to each other last Monday. That night, he went to our home bringing coke floats from McDonald’s. Actually, he just wanted to go to our house was to return the volleyball net they borrowed from me. When he arrived, my sister commented on not having one coke float too. The weird thing is that he gave his own float to my sister. It was sweet. One of the sweetest things ever. Then, we just talked the whole night. Also, he loved my mother’s cooking and he wants more of it.


It was weird because it’s like we didn’t have a heavy talk that morning about our relationship. It was like nothing happened and that it was something that we had to talk about naturally and he understood that. I just worry that the risk would not pay off and that there will be falling out of friends. But, what happened during the rest of the week was proof that a falling out will not happen.


We are messaging each other for almost every hour of the day. Then, on Thursday, he dropped by the house to watch a movie with me. We watched Dark Shadows and ate my Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. He loved the ice cream. We didn’t eat much because it’s one of those things that you don’t consume in just one sitting.


We had to watch the movie on a weekday because our weekend schedule couldn’t happen. There were always things that got in the way. So, we just did it.


On Friday night, I went out with my college friends and we finished singing karaoke around 4AM. That’s also the time that they finished playing volleyball. I was a bit drunk and he was aware of that. He stayed up despite the fact that he was so tired from playing. He waited for me to get home before he slept. It was sweet. It was really really sweet.


Then, on Saturday, he said that he’ll pick me up before we go to the game. He arrived and I was still sleeping so I was a bit flustered for the first few minutes that he was at home. Since we need to go to the game early, he watched a movie inside my room while I took a bath and prepared for the game.


So, whatever happened that Monday morning took off quite well. I think that we are a lot closer now and a lot happier. We’d always talk about taking things slow to get to know each other more. We don’t want to throw things away just for the heck of trying to start a relationship. I do hope that we’re going somewhere not matter how slow. At least, I know we’re moving.



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