The Cost of a Million Dollars: Va’a

The Amazing Race returns for a new season!

Griffith Observatory is the starting point of this race.

The 11 teams made their way into the viewing deck of the Griffith Observatory.

Last season’s Double Your Money prize is scrapped. Instead, the team who wins the first leg gets not only 1 but 2 Express Passes. The second Express Pass should be given to another team before the fourth leg of the race starts. I think that they’re trying to strengthen the social aspect of this game by having the winners of the first leg decide on who they want to give it to.

On the other hand, this gives a great dilemma to the winners of the first leg. Do you give the Express Pass to a friendly team even if you know that they are strong? Who do you give it to? The strongest team? The seemingly weak team? Do you help a team who needs it most? There are a lot of different factors to consider. You certainly don’t want to give an advantage to just some team.

The first task is to get their bags and pick a Ford Fusion from the parking lot and they are going to their first destination, Bora-Bora in French Polynesia.


This is an amazing race first. I would love to go to this island country someday.

Their first task is a Road Block where one of the team members will ride a helicopter and will tandem skydive from an altitude of 10,000 feet. If I were participating, I think that I will be doing this road block or those that will include heights and the disgusting stuff. This is awesome. You get to a very beautiful island and you will have the opportunity to see it from a high place. It will be such an overwhelming sight. It would definitely take my breath away.

After that Road Block, there is another Road Block down the road, it is a classic Amazing Race task that could take all day. The team member who did not do the first Road Block will look for a clue hidden under 400 sandcastles. If a sandcastle does not have a clue in it, the racer will have to rebuild the said sand castle. It’s just like the hay stack all over again but this also includes scorching hot weather and very fine sand that is very hard to form.

There are three teams that could not find their clue after hours of looking. I could tell because they arrived at the middle of the day and they quit when the sun almost set.

The va’a

After they found a clue, they have to assemble a canoe-like transportation called va’a and they have to paddle for almost a mile to the pit stop. The waters they canoed over was just shallow and you can see the bottom because of the crystal-clear water. Then you have the mountains on one side and the sea on another. It is just breathtaking.

Since it was a three-way race to the finish, one of the teams was not able to assemble their va’a well and they kept falling into the water. This gave the other two teams a little bit of separation to finish the leg in 9th and 10th places. It was just so unfortunate.

Bora-Bora Island (Motu Cafe is the pit stop for this leg of the race)


I initially wanted the twin doctors but they turned out to be really whiny they are so different from Nat and Kat. I like the YouTube VLoggers because they seem to be really just taking the fun out of the race despite their standing. I also like the best friends Pam & Winnie because they are underrated racers. I want Max and Katie to be the villains of the race.

Speaking of villains, I don’t think that there will be one this time. But, I think that Jessica and John could come out villainous depending on their choice of the recipient of the second Express Pass.

It looks like they’re still on Bora-Bora on the next leg. I think that they’re just milking it because it’s just so expensive to go there.


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