Animated: Wreck-It Ralph

The story of a regular guy just looking for a little wreck-ognition.

Wreck-It Ralph is the story of Ralph of the game Fix-It Felix Jr. It follows his journey towards going against the natural flow of the video gaming world by trying to prove that bad guys aren’t really bad. He wanted some recognition and sought out his own medal to let others see that the villains can be winners too. But that is just not the case.

It starts off with a Villains Anonymous or Bad-Anon meeting where the villains get support from other villains. When he comes home, he discovers that the other members of his video game are celebrating the game’s 30th anniversary and he wasn’t invited. This should really hurt as he is an essential part of the game but the others seem to think that he really is a bad guy off-screen. It was his journey to get his own medal just so the other characters in his game will also respect what he brings to the table.

He found this guy from Hero’s Duty and one thing led to another he was able to get a medal but he accidentally activated an egg of a Cy-Bug.  He got into an escape pod carrying the Cy-Bug with him and they had a crash landing on another video game – Sugar Rush. This is where he had to deal with a “glitch” and solve a mystery behind it.

I think that the movie is heartwarming. It does provide a nice plot and unpredictable turn of events. I especially liked the dilemma of being the bad guy and the good guy. It could be a great movie to teach kids about the nature of good and bad. It does not necessarily mean that if you’re doing something bad then you’re a bad guy. Sometimes, you have to do certain things for the greater good (which sounds like Grindelwald in the Harry Potter series).

I love the idea of video game characters getting out of their consoles after the arcade has closed. I loved how sockets and extension cords are mode of transportation to visit each other. I love how each game is differentiated by the type of animation they are programmed in – like Fix-It Felix Jr adoring the high-definition graphics of Sergeant Calhoun of Hero’s Duty.

I recommend this movie especially for children. You get to discover the difference between good bad and how we have our own roles in society. Without the bad, there can never be a definition for good.




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